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<p>hair mask</p>

hair mask

A carefully-formed  hair mask with a safe natural component on your hair, available in four types.
• Marrow: It works to increase the death of the most serious, to solve the problems of precipitation and to stimulate hair growth.
• Honey and almond oil: enjoy soft hair and perfect moisturizing for the restoration of stressful hair.
• Keratin: You dream of dynamic, hassle-free poetry without effort, enjoy the benefits of kiratin for hair reconstruction and treatment.
• Vitamin E: For a day, the loss of a doctor and the strengthening of hair and its bulbs reduce precipitation.

<p>wet wipse for kids</p>

wet wipse for kids

  Wet  wipes are nice on the skin and make it clean and refreshing.
It is free of paraffin and alcohol and is manufactured from safe materials and moisturizing on your skin and your child's skin, you can use it in all places and times.
Available in different sizes and colors: 120 pieces and 72 pieces

<p>shower gel with French perfumes</p>

shower gel with French perfumes

Shawer Gel is specially crafted to take care of your skin from natural materials that give the required food, smoothness to the skin and a great sense of recovery. • French perfumes: A thin skin structure to be able to use it comfortably daily, refreshing and balancer for a witch-scented skin. • Lavander and Vanilla: Shawer Gil Bayostriet in Avender helps the body to feel comfortable and relaxing. An attractive romantic smell combined with vanilla scent. • Fragrance of flowers: Contains skin smoothing and moisturizing ingredients and durable recovery. • Jasmine and basil: basil contains antioxidants that work to protect the body from wrinkles, with vitamins that work on skin feed and pores. To make the skin clean and healthy as it works to lighten the skin color and jasmine its picturesque scent helps to relax and fight the symptoms of aging.


<p>shower gel with Oriental Perfumes</p>

shower gel with Oriental Perfumes

Shawer Gel is specially crafted to take care of your skin from natural materials that give the required food, smoothness to the skin and a great sense of recovery.

Oriental Perfumes: Luxury fragrances with its ingredients that bear the East's aroma with international flavors.
Amber: The amber works on the cooling of the body and the jaw of the muscles works to regenerate the skin cells and prevents dryness of the skin keeps the skin hydrated and makes it soft and moisturizer.
• Oud: Oud fat is characterized by a concentrated ratio of aromatic oils, which stays longer on the body and makes the skin young, wrinkle-free.



Nature's Abstract shampoo introduction to take care of your hair and maintain its brightness, strength and cleanliness Marrow: A marrow shampoo that feeds and strengthens hair from the roots of its oils and vitamins stimulates hair growth to increase its size and density healthy and healthy. Fruits: A fruit shampoo that activates the circulatory system and provides deep hair follology to the vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hair. • Cranberry Shampoo: A cranberry digest that gives glamour and shine to the hair in addition to its refreshing perfume and fragrance. • Lemon and mint: a lemon and mint Digest shampoo that cleanse the scalp and treat the crust to make it healthier which helps to stimulate hair growth, effective and gentle on the scalp.


<p>galaxy Signatue spray</p>

galaxy Signatue spray

Let Galaxy spray put your signature in every one's hearts. Galaxy signature spray 200 ml.