about us

- ALNOUR TRADING & DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION is one of the major companies that have been working in the Egyptian market for a long time in the field of local and imported cosmetics and also in the food field.

- Since 1995, and these long years have been marked by major stages of expansion and development, the company has been a pioneer in the Egyptian market, our main clients: companies-wholesale offices-pharmacies-pharmacies chains-supermarket chains, our workforce estimates more than 50 people And a fleet of cars for distribution.

- Companies with the distribution of imported brands : Galaxy- Grandeur- Arabiyat  -Belux - Precious – Class.

 Companies with the distribution of local brands : Eva-sparkle-yasemin . and we are  the Exclusive agent for production and distribution of : Biostraight products.

While in the Food field : Royal- El Bawadi- Domty – Harvest.

-  We always aim to provide our customers with all their needs and always seek distribution rights for the products of international and Egyptian companies exclusively. - We have sufficient knowledge and tools to enable us to achieve our goals and the objectives of the companies we represent, we believe in the evolution resulting from modern scientific thinking and methods, and we are always striving for greater success and expansion